A car-accident might happen to your friend or to someone you know. H/she might be the driver of the car and might involve another pedestrian. At most cases, it is assumed that the liability of the accident is just between the two. Sometimes, however, none of the people involved in the car accident might be responsible but another party. It might just be possible that you are responsible for the car accident of your friend or family members.

Here is a list of the situation when you will be liable for another person’s car accident:

•    You are the car owner, and you allowed someone to drive the car then you should contact Attorney King Arimpour. Even though the crash might be due to negligent driving of the other person, the responsibility of their actions comes to you. At such a situation, then the cost for all kinds of loss and damages made might be endured by you.

•    Negligent entrustment will also make you the person at fault for the car accident. If you entrust the car to an incompetent and reckless driver, the probability of an accident is high. The accident may be caused by factors like an illness, age (under or over) or the influence of intoxicants.

•    When you are the employer, and your employee drives the car. If the accident occurs during business hours and for any official duties, the liability is borne by the employer.

•    If you are a parent, then, in many cases, you are liable. They may be due to the following reasons–

    Negligent entrustment to your child to drive the car even after knowing their incompetence.

    If you have signed as the ‘person legally liable’ in your child’s license application. Here, for any car issues of your child, the parent becomes the custodian and the one liable.

    There are also instances where the liability for the family car is on the parents. It is when the vehicle is bought for the family purpose only. Any member of the family might drive the car, and still, the accountability for accidents will go to the parents.

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